·        Oil & Gas, Chemical & Petrochemical, Mining

·        Pipelines, port terminals / storage terminals, Off Shore platforms

·        Refineries, process plants, chemical plants, etc.

·        Organic and inorganic process

·        Pharmaceutical industry plants

·        Mining (parks, open fields, treatment and classification, concentration, hydrometallurgy).

·        Feasibility study, process designs, consultancy, etc.


·        Electricity & Power Generation

·        Generation, transmission and distribution, Sub-stations.

·        Hydro-electrics, thermal, combined cycle and nuclear plants.

·        Rural Electrification / industrial Electrification.

·        Renewable: Solar Photovoltaic, thermo solar, Wind energy, etc.


·        Agriculture, Fishery and Agro-Industry

·        Agro machinery (trucks, tools, etc.).

·        Irrigations systems, pumping stations, etc.

·        Farms (winery, diary farms, etc.).

·        Fruits and vegetables process installations. Industrial cold, markets, etc.

·        Wood treatment and processes.

·        Water treatment, packing systems. Feasibility studies


·        Industrial Plants

·        Metallurgy: Steel plants and equipment.

·        Aluminum industry.

·        Cement and bricks factories, mixers, etc.

·        Classification, arid preparation.

·        Prefabricated elements plants. Cement and concrete terminals.


·        Machinery

·        Dozers, excavators, retro excavators, etc.

·        Compressors, hammers, dumpers, perforation equipment, etc.

·        Tools. Concrete trucks, etc.

·        Mobile concrete plants


·        Transports

·        Railways: locomotives, wagons, coaches, rail cars, electrification,

·        Control, maintenance and workshops.

·        Truck, buses, industrial vehicles and workshops.

·        Aero transport: airports equipment.

·        Maritime: ships, containers, containers terminals, port equipment, etc.


·        Health and Education

·        Hospitals, Health centers, health management software, medical equipment.

·        Schools, universities, rural schools, vocational schools. Prefabricated modules.

·        Online education, telecommunications systems, etc.

·        Laboratories, community centers, etc.


·        Telecommunications

·        Telephonic systems, cables. Radio tie-ins. TV.

·        Microwave network. Data transmission. Control.

·        SCADA systems.

·        TETRA systems.

·        Coast security systems.

·        Borders vigilance


·        Water Treatment

·        Drinking water plants: emergency units, double effect, reverse osmosis, etc.

·        Waste Water Treatment Plants: membranes, MBR, Urban, Industrial. Etc.



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