PARSIBER International S.L.

Founded and registered in Murcia Spain, has been able to develop as a leadig dynamic business-oriented supply and consulting firm in the field of procurement for the  Oil, Gas and Petrochemical projects and plants around the world.

With the help of fully experienced technical and commercial staff ParsIber S.L. is proud to enter and get involved in procurement for many international oil, gas and petrochemical projects in different countries.

PARSIBER, through the association of capital goods manufacturers, has access to over 400 firms in different industries. Thus our scope of work is not limited to one service or industry.  Our services include: consulting, engineering, procurement of equipment and technology, and construction.  Our close relationship with the Spanish and European manufacturers enables us to select the most suitable and cost efficient equipment and firms for the completion of your project(s).


Our Promise:

At ParsIber S.L. , we promise the highest commitment  to our customers and, offer high quality services and supply high quality products and material from worldwide well-known certified manufacturers. In our company no inquiry remains unattended. We believe that our Customers are our Biggest ASSET. Our goal is to fulfill ALL your requirements on time and buget. 


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